Domain Registration Policy

II. Registration Principles

6. All individuals and entities, resident and not resident in Tajikistan, are eligible to apply for any second-level domain name under .TJ, however, in disputable situation, resident applicants have a priority ceteris paribus.
7. The quantity of domain names registered by the same registrant is not limited.
8. All applications for the registration of a domain name must be made in the form and manner prescribed by Manager from time to time (Annex 1) and submit online to the registrar.
9. Domain names are allocated on a "first-come-first-served" basis, provided the information submitted is complete and all necessary documents are submitted at the time of registration and all procedures relating to the application have been complied with. A later but complete application will have priority over an earlier but incomplete or non-compliant application.
10. The registrant is advised to check Registrars to ascertain the availability of the domain name he wishes to apply for. The Applicant agrees and understands that a domain name, which may at first be available from WHOIS search, may not necessarily be available at the point of application or registration.
11. If application is approved by Registrar the requested domain name become reserved for the Applicant, however, the Applicant within one month should implement all procedures, according to requirements of the Registrar otherwise the application is cancelled and reserved domain name becomes accessible to registration. The day on which the Registrant receives the notification of approval of domain name from Manager through a Registrar, as the case may be, shall be construed and deemed as the activation date for that domain name.